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https://diabetesfrees.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-precose/ Liz Ulmer of Eye Candy Design–“Gaye has a special talent for asking the right questions and helping each person find the answers within themselves.  Over the course of the group, my business has achieved liftoff and I am really looking forward to using what I’ve learned and the connections I’ve made to help it soar.  I learned how important it is to me personally to be part of a group like this for continued motivation and accountability and I also think working with a coach is maybe the top key thing anyone can do to help their business!”

casino en ligne paysafecard nay D. Mills- “I learned a lot about myself and learned tools from the sessions that I can continue to use as my life, as my wants and needs change. I love being a mom and know it is a valuable job. Sometimes, though, you want to be valued on your own, outside of the home.  You were able to help me organize all of my wants and skills so I could create a path that would allow me to continue to support my family as well as allow me to grow.  I truly enjoyed my coaching sessions!  You are a caring, smart and extremely intuitive person. You are both a guide and a teacher.”

inalterably maria casino free spins no deposit Michelle Miller of Sonshine Wear– “ The group format has allowed me to share my challenges with other like-minded business owners in a nurturing environment.  The most valuable aspect of the group coaching has been Gaye’s ability to ask the right questions to get to the “root” of my business’ stumbling blocks.  She was then able to offer specific suggestions for me to help move past those blocks and I now have renewed confidence in my ability to run my business effectively.”

https://visualizemais.com.br/20-cat/dating_8.html D. Calderale-” It’s very liberating to realize that putting yourself first is not always a selfish act.  Coaching helped give me the tools, I am still a work in progress. ”

Anaimalai namoro no tinder da certo best payout slots Yuta Wendy Perry of Harper Vintage Design–  “I learned a combination of intuition + knowledge rooted in facts about my business equips me to answer business challenges.  I have learned to trust my choices: no one is as invested in Harper as I am.  I have a new respect for my role as a business owner and  I value time spent working more than I did… It’s easy to get lost in your work when it’s something you love to do!  I will keep with me Gaye’s statement that I am exactly where I am supposed to be – God’s plan.”

free ainsworth pokies online Tanya- “I learned that the answers we are looking for are already inside our head…….and sometimes it takes a wonderful coach to help you ask the questions that lead you to those answers!   Thank you for the coaching sessions- I truly value the experience.  I feel more organized, and more able to get things under control when they start to feel overwhelming.  Coaching gave me new strategies to deal with everyday tasks.  I really approach decisions (both every day decisions and larger scale decisions) in a different way than I did before the coaching sessions.”

Jenny- “No one ever tells you how different and difficult the adjusment can be with the addition of a child. I needed help finding the balance between the “old” me and “new” me(Mom). I think realizing I knew what to do inside and that I just needed someone to help me see that was a huge breakthrough. Learning to zero in and become aware of my wants and needs was also enlightening. You have the ability to help bring out the best in me(even when things seem extraordinarily difficult). Coaching helped me see that I need to tune into my needs and wants and make sure to address them especially when I feel off balance. The beauty of my coaching is that we not only addressed my new parent issues but also through goal creation, led to career changes as well. You are one of those special people that wants to help others be their best self!”

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