Ezine Issue 101 Blessings of Opposites



Quote:  John Steinbeck- “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?”

As always, life is a journey and this morning as I was on my journey, a few things from my past kept popping up.  In my rational mind, I have forgiven others and myself and I have worked through all of my past issues but I was presented with a very valuable lesson that I want to share with you.

It all started with some stomach issues and I pulled out a book from Louise Hay about how ailments show up because of emotional ills.   I went through my list of ailments and looked up the possible links to my emotional well-being and a few of them resonated with me.

As I worked on letting go of these old feelings of fear, unworthiness and insecurity that were rising to the surface I kept wondering why they were showing up and how they could offer me a benefit.  I know if you have ever been hurt or have felt negative emotions, it is hard to imagine there is a benefit to those feelings, but for me there truly is a blessing in everything I have ever been through.

So, what is the blessing?

In life to completely understand one thing, it helps to know the opposite.

If I did not know vulnerability, I would not fully understand and appreciate security.
If I did not know guilt, I would not be able to completely understand freedom.
If I did not experience unworthiness, I would not be able to comprehend being worthy.

My list could go on and on but my hope is that you will add some of your past/present feelings to the list and find the blessing in experiencing one thing so you can know the opposite.

-How can you find the blessing in your past experiences?
-What emotions keep showing up for you?
-Is there a benefit to experiencing one emotion so you can experience the opposite more fully?
-What negative feelings/emotions show up most often?
-What are the opposites of those feelings?

Look at any negative emotions that are bubbling up for you.  What is the opposite emotion?  Can you find peace in knowing that you went through or you are going through that experience so that you may truly experience the opposite?

Enjoy the journey!
Coach Gaye


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