EZINE ISSUE 95 What is most important to YOU?


I had my ezine all figured out for today, but I went to yoga class and I loved the topic during class so I decided to change what I am sharing today.  In yoga the message was about time and how precious the time we have here is.  The instructor mentioned that when people are on their deathbed and are asked what they wish they had spent more time doing, they don’t say making more money or buying more stuff, they say spending more time with the people they love.

In our society, we place such an importance on material possessions and we strive to work hard and accumulate items to make us feel happy and successful.  But, what if happiness and success really are in the connections we make, the relationships we build and the family life we create.  Maybe we can take the message from those that are near the end and realize what should be most important.

My question to you is, if you had one week to live, what would you spend your time doing?  What would be most important to you?  Take a few moments to think about that.

Now, think about how often in your everyday life you spend doing those things.  I know it is unrealistic to live your life as if the end is coming next week, but is it possible that you can find a better balance between where you are now and what you find to be most important?  If you focus on just how precious the time we have here is, will it change how you decide what is most important to you each day?

Life is too short to spend each day doing things that don’t bring you happiness and joy.  Find what is most important to you and take time to create a life that fulfills those dreams!

PS- In case you did not notice, I missed my ezine last week because I was at the beach with my family.  I had everything almost ready to send,  but everyone headed out to the beach and I did not want to miss that family time.   I kept thinking I would finish it this week and send it out a little late, but my kids are tracked out this week and I never found the time.  For me, family time is extremely important so I set aside some of my less important work to be with my kids.  Let’s face it, in the big scheme of life, my ezine does not get top ratingJ  So, I gave myself permission to focus on my family and I hope you will do the same.  You have permission to spend time with the people you love without feeling like you need to rush to the next task or item on your to-do-list!  Give yourself permission to focus on what is truly most important to you!!

Enjoy the journey!


Think about what is most important in your life.  This week try to find a better balance between just living life to living the life you would live if you truly focused on what means the most to you!


-Do you spend time doing what you love?

-Do you spend time with those that you love?

-Are you in alignment with what is most important to you?

-If you had one week to live would you be happy with the life you are living right now?

-If not, what changes would you make?

-How can you implement little things into your life to create more meaning?

Coach Gaye


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